Dancing Goats

Artisanal Alberta goat cheeses you can't help tapping your toes to.

  • Location

    Acme, Alberta

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  • People

    Craig Sank , Paul Chambers

  • Distance

    80 km Away

    Craig Sank and Paul Chambers began Dancing Goats Farm in 2015 after both having successful dance careers. The artisanal cheeses they create are named after the dances that inspired them. 'The Waltz' is a soft, spreadable cheese that is simple and versatile, like a basic waltz. 'The Gavotte' is a surface ripened cheese, with a tangy and goaty flavour. 'The Two-Step' isa semi-hard cheese, washed with local Village Brewery blacksmith ale - and it's quickly becoming an Alberta favourite! 

    Craig and Paul currently milk 18 goats that are raised with the utmost respect. The herd has year-round access to the outdoors, are grass-fed throughout the warmer months, and fed hay grown at Blue Mountain Biodynamic Farm, as well as an organic grain ration during the winter months. 

    Dancing Goats Farm approaches every decision with a belief in humane relationships with their animals, and "sustainable stewardship of our natural resources and food sovereignty."