Spring Detox

Posted Thursday, May 9, 2019


Is this the year you might want to do your first Spring Cleanse? Have you done one before and haven’t finished it? This is a primer to prep you for detoxification. I find that most people I talk to either never finish the cleanse they’ve started or at the very least, the first few days are very difficult to the point they would like to quit.

A body detox should never be so difficult that it makes you overly nauseous or have to continually run to the toilet. And if you find it hard to adhere to a specific diet; this primer might be for you.


I like to start people off with simply drinking an 8oz glass of room temperature water with lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar added to it. I would say 1-2tsp of either. This starts your day off with hydration and something that facilitates your digestive organs to start producing bile. In turn , that will aid in digestion for at least the first part of the day. Feel free to repeat this before every meal. And also remember to continue hydrating as much as you can throughout the day. This can include herbal tea, bone or veggie broths. Any form of water! Get creative and add fresh fruit, veg and herbs. My fave is blueberry basil and ginger!


For the next step, take inventory of your daily eating. Start a meal journal to see where you could add more fresh fruit and vegetables; focus on local and seasonal if you have access (they contain more nutrients!), vegetarian sources of protein like  nuts, seeds and legumes (my go to is quinoa because it a prefect protein and so versatile!), and dairy alternatives. The name of the game is to as eat as many nutrient dense meals as you can to prep yourself. If you know how to make the meals you like and have the ingredients on hand, it will be super easy come cleansing time!

Posted May 9, 2019