Ryan's Honey

Ambrosial honey from Alberta's foothills.

  • Location

    Water Valley, Alberta

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  • People

    Kevin Ryan

  • Distance

    80 km Away

            Ryan’s Honey began in 1969, when Blake Ryan purchased land for a farm on Alberta’s eastern foothills, and set up his first beehives. Today, Blake’s son Kevin runs Ryan’s Honey, which expanded from honey to mead in 2010.

            Honey is collected from hives placed along a narrow band at the eastern edge of the foothills, just northeast of Water Valley, Alberta. The hives are carefully places to allow access to the abundant wildflowers and clover that cover the hills, while minimizing their access to the conventional croplands to the east. This nectar provides a unique flavour that is mildly sweet and pleasantly floral.  The resulting honey is never pasteurized to ensure a “fresh from the comb” flavour.

            Also, next time you’re at the liquor store, look for mead from Fallen Timber Meadery. It’s a delicious elixir produced from Ryan’s Honey.