Lone's Eggs

Organic eggs from passionate diverse farmers

  • Location

    Bluffton, Alberta

  • People

    Lone Velling , Torben Velling

  • Distance

    220 km Away

             Lone and Torben Velling have been providing us with delicious organic eggs for many, many years. We carry their eggs in a variety of sizes, and each one comes with a nutritious dark yolk. One taste of a Lone’s Egg is enough to prove that organic eggs have something conventional eggs are missing.

            We also receive other specialty items from the Velling’s throughout the year. In the summer they provide us with organic rhubarb, near the end of the growing season we get organic horseradish, and in the early fall we receive organic honeyberries which we sell in our frozen section. Honeyberries make an excellent addition to jams, pastries, ice cream, or yoghurt.